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Sushi, Lines & Muzik: 4 Minute's Mega Mall Stage
Warning: This is an incredibly long post that involves the subject of K-pop. If you aren't into it, just skip ahead. Thank you.

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All Star
all star
In the odd space between neurons and synapses in my brain comes random ideas, realizations and thoughts. Try as i might, my body can never really live up to the image of any of these bits of information. This is true for everyone.

It doesn't stop me from wishing otherwise.

Whenever i need a shot of inspiration, a particular feel-good primer for a session of non-emo introspection, i open up a text file. Grant Morrison's All Star Superman interview from newsarama.

This i find strange enough beyond a reflexive standpoint, as i find a great deal of joy and inspiration from a sting of bytes slightly larger than a crappy low-def pixelated image and not from any other type of media i am fond of. Its even more strange that its not the comic itself i seek inspiration from, though honestly i find myself reading it soon after the i finish the interview.

Never have i read a casual interview so articulate, eloquent and clear. As if he wrote all the answers ahead of time. Thoughts, emotions and vision mix into an almost poetic rhythmic pattern, glossed over by a sense of real understanding of the subject.

It always makes me love the subject even more. The precision of the words and ideas sift through the depths of meaning, history, and collective unreality of Superman is addressed and broken down and revealed more than the actual comic.

Cliff notes on a cosmic scale. The voice real, optimistic, clear, without the banality and pretense most book notes sound like.

After reading that, and the comic itself, I am always compelled to raise my standards a bit. I try to let go of the juvenile tendencies and apathy of being inarticulate in my conversations, leaving the work of interpreting what i mean to the other, while my mind is content playing the fat lazy bum i dread of it becoming. While it may not last long, it doesn't stop me from trying again, aspiring to the standard Superman represents in that clear vision of Grant.

In the end i always feel a tiny bit better about myself, not because of what i have been, but of what i can do. But there is a small bit of sadness when i think about how much is wasted being content with how most of us communicate with each other - a gutteral hum, a flippant sound, the over use of broken metaphor cues (like), ignorant use of adjectives and big words, and the casual throw of one word answers that just beg to be expanded into clear thought.

Its not that Grant Morrison is a genius (although he might as well be). It is about him being inspired by a fictious character to at least answer better in something as simple as an interview, that maybe, I too can exert the same conscious effort when i interact with people.

It is after all, something Superman would do.

everyone makes a few promises to themselves. Start jogging, eat less, draw/read more, come to work early, study harder, learn something new, go to mass on Sunday, call friends you've lost touch with, spend time with mom and dad. All these and more are what we tell ourselves to do. Most don't even survive the first week.

But that is fine. As long as we are content with how we live our lives, these resolutions are merely collateral damage, things in the sidelines that we deem not as important as our current preoccupation - at least that's what we tell ourselves.

I myself have tried to make certain promises that would ideally benefit me in the long run - a better way of life. And like a number of people out there, i just fall short of actually doing it. Another failure, another aspect of my life to hide away from public eyes.

However, the true value of promises isn't so much the accomplishment of the goal you set, its the fortitude in which you hold on, the value you inscribe on your word. Promises are a test of character, pushing ones mental limits until they break or ethics, morals, or values come to challenge your decision. Its about taking a swing at the ball as many times as you possibly can.

I'm not saying promises are meant to be broken, or that it has no chance of actually being honored. I just think that the goal isn't the point of promises, its merely the consequence.

So i play mine safe, i have refrained from making promises - with the multitude of variables that i can encounter that would stand in the way of fulfilling that vow, I would rather not embarrass myself.

Instead, I create ideas. Ideas that are good and beneficial to me, ideas I can aspire to achieve, to try and turn those ideas to Ideals.

Ideas imply consciousness, a logical process in which our mind shapes thought and our actions warp reality to conform to it. Promises, despite a rational basis, is still within the realm of emotion, and above all else in humanity's spectrum of life, emotions are the easiest to influence.

It might be viewed as cowardice, but to me this keeps the value people put into promises intact. There is a certain reverence we ascribe to the word, one that is sometimes stronger than steel. Sticking to ideas preserves that.

I have a number of ideas in my head right now - write more, start laying out pages, lessen sugars, start the script, finish the 6 other scripts, re-connect with old friends, make new ones, give thanks, plan for the future, take a walk, go on a trip, make money, and stop being afraid of failure.

I have to admit though, one of the best ideas ever created is something a brand of sports wear has been preaching for years. My brain got the ball rolling, its up to me to not mess it up.

Here goes nothing...

From the Journals of Jak, Dwarven Pladin, Mayor of Whitefall.


We are currently imprisoned in a hastily built bungalow prison. Honestly, we can try to break out of this crap hole easily. This isnt a prison - no chains, or real bars. the door is held by a deadbolt, and guarded by two idiots. Hell,Laestra could just feystep out of the thin walls and bust out. I think she's going to do that.

It seems the goliath wants something from Kinnari. She was forcefully separated from us. Something about her bag. I suspect its the EGG. I should have gotten rid of that thing from the start.

That Lian chick who "welcomed" us have peaked my curiosity with a ritual of some sort tomorrow. For now I'm going to sit tight and pray to wait this one out. Im still troubled by the death of Rock and Reeve.

Meanwhile, Laestra just ported out to have a look-a-bout the town - she should be back in a bit - if she doesn't mess up.

One of the idiot guards is named Tiny.

Laestra went for another walkabout. seriously, at this rate we can just waltz out of here.

Morning comes, Lian comes back to take us somewhere. Townsfolk are geared and ready to escort us out. Soldiers are shaky with crap weapons, we can bull rush them and escape. We are compelled to stay to see what's up and to mess with their heads. Rae suspects that Lian is under a strong charm spell.

No sign or word from kinnari, and Im beginning to worry. All i can do is pray for her to be alive. I doubt "safe" and "well being" would be words associated with her current state. she is a strong girl, but everybody breaks. everybody.

No time to be absorbed, right now the mission is paramount. Everybody has sacrificed too much for me to choke and get girly feelings when a team mate goes missing. Litterally creation is ridding on our success or failure.

That trip down south to Mullhorand sounds more appealing now. maybe when this is over. Sun, sand and Spice await me there.

we are lead to an amphitheater, an old man is lead at the dais, and suddenly turned into dust. A ritual is supposed to prevent the dead from rising by turning them to residuum.

Prince Vemac appears from behind and sends up back to the prison.

Overheard that Lian came from the town of Siger, Jeanne seems to know something about it.

It seems Ogre have managed to brainwash these people into thinking he is a hero saving the world. He did this by killing a faction of his undead army in front of them- winning their hearts and minds. I cant wait to tear him apart myself. so help me Gods. Manipulating innocent townsfolk is just not cool.

We managed to escape our shabby prison without much difficulty, (in hindsight, it really was just an inconvenience) and were led into a dark museum that eventually led to a heavy steel grate that drops roughly 50 ft bellow. After a series of bungles and painful falls, we encounter another bunch of scientist vampires - this time without the stupid accent. Im still trying to wrap my head around a bunch of arcane/supernatural beings doing science experiments - mind boggling.

We managed to talk our way out of that one (surprisingly), and we encounter their ancient boss. he seemed like a nice old business man, oddly curt and informative. He has shaken my understanding of the war.

New things to consider:
- these vampires are only under Ogre's control cause their woman friendis under geas.
- They also want to end ogre's life, which puts us into a weird alliance with them.
- Ogre seems to try and graft creatures together - this is troubling considering he technically has THE EGG.
- Now he asked us to "fight" our way out to make it look real.
- It seems that, Ogre's hide out is in the middle of the town, in another dimensional pocket.
- Lian and other influential people in the town are under charm by theVampires.
- Found out they have managed to convert matter into residuum,particularly souls into a perfect conversion. But for that to happen,their souls must be happy at the point of death.

Some of our weapons were recovered. We are severely de-powered, its unlikely that we are able to fulfill our mission, here. Part of me believes I should have gone with the soldiers, might have made a difference there. But I wouldn't know anymore. I just hope it pays off in the end.

BY THE WAY - I think that The Holy Bearded One wont be pleased with me for a number of things, let me enumerate:
1) I have turned a blind eye on at least two acts of murder, one involving unarmed Prisoners.
2) I have watched two of my friends get strangled to their death.
3) have allied my self with evil vampires - despite good intentions.
4) said nothing when my ally agreed to use an old man's soul to reconstitute his armor.

But despite all these, all were done for the big picture in mind. its no excuse, I know. I can only pray He understands - that I am forever working for his service and glory.

Al (the boss vampire) asked Jeanne to stay, and she agreed. I am doubting the stability of her mind by the minute. Following her seems to lead to more trouble.

Meanwhile, we are about to engage in the most contrived fight of our lives. Note to self: Scientist Vampires are crappy actors. Conveniently, they set up a pulley system for us to go back up. I left a note to inform them when they can perform the portal ritual.

SURPRISE! We saw Ogre in the town plaza, he was dragging Zombie Marnius with him in chains and let the townsfolk maul and tear him apart. Lian seems to be enjoying it too much. She is obviously too HOT for that Ogre. I thought i was about to puke.

Lian approached us, and we bumbled around to dissuade her from investigating further. We have managed to impress the following on to her: Sylvos is filthy, Rae and Attica are gay, Laestra seems to have intimacy issues, Jagrick is too Emotional again, and i just feigned illiteracy and groped her (sorry again BIG MAN).


I'm in sooo much trouble...

our Vampire "friends" were opening the portal when our Bugbear enemy appears in front of us. We are so dead.


OOOKay! Whew. I think i died twice. But I killed the Bugbear again. The messed up thing is Vermillion Killgrave came and whups all of our asses. I got friggin' punched in the face and died. How Eff'ed is that?!

Regardless, in a very heartwarming scene that I would have appreciated so much more if death and complete destruction of creation didn't loom over our heads, almost everyone we have met/helped came to our aid and is supposed to beat the hell out of Vermillion. I wouldnt know for sure what happened since we jumped into the portal thing. I just pray they are alright.

So we jumped into the Portal.

Only to fight a bunch of zombies and and a Lich. I nearly "really" died for the second time, so did most of my crew. But we got our act together and beat those guys up.I owe Jeanne 2 now. She might be a cookoolander, but she's got my back and I got hers.

Then we went through the door, and met Kef. Pretty blond one-eyed pirate chick, seems to own Rae's "talking" sword. And yes, she is the chick the vampires wanted to rescue. We are "friends", for now. Can't really trust evil undead now can we? I'll deal with them later, for now shared goals would have to do. The enemy of my enemy might just be an ally.

Well time to rest. tomorrow is another bloody day. I think im going to take a long vacation after this entire thing is over - if I survive. ha ha, I'm such a bloody optimist.

- Jak.

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all star
"In the end, I saw Superman not as a superhero or even a science fiction character, but as a story of Everyman. We’re all Superman in our own adventures. We have our own Fortresses of Solitude we retreat to, with our own special collections of valued stuff, our own super–pets, our own “Bottle Cities” that we feel guilty for neglecting. We have our own peers and rivals and bizarre emotional or moral tangles to deal with.

I felt I’d really grasped the concept when I saw him as Everyman, or rather as the dreamself of Everyman. That “S” is the radiant emblem of divinity we reveal when we rip off our stuffy shirts, our social masks, our neuroses, our constructed selves, and become who we truly are.

Batman is obviously much cooler, but that’s because he’s a very energetic and adolescent fantasy character: a handsome billionaire playboy in black leather with a butler at this beck and call, better cars and gadgetry than James Bond, a horde of fetish femme fatales baying around his heels and no boss. That guy’s Superman day and night.

Superman grew up baling hay on a farm. He goes to work, for a boss, in an office. He pines after a hard–working gal. Only when he tears off his shirt does that heroic, ideal inner self come to life. That’s actually a much more adult fantasy than the one Batman’s peddling but it also makes Superman a little harder to sell. He’s much more of a working class superhero, which is why we ended the whole book with the image of a laboring Superman.

He’s Everyman operating on a sci–fi Paul Bunyan scale. His worries and emotional problems are the same as ours... except that when he falls out with his girlfriend, the world trembles."

- Grant Morrison, All-Star Superman Companion 2009



Grammar Monster of Doom
I am always amazed at how Americans can have THAT many grammatical fuck ups in english. I mean, thats their first language! unbelievable.

and pretty amusing. hehe "Im hungry to", hehe dipshit. "This is Theres." hehe.

And that's why Jay Leno's Jay Walking is not scripted.

After years of searching, a few false leads here and there... I finally have it!!!!
my own copy of DUAL! Parallel Trouble Adventure and the OVA! SUGOI! i just love this series, it has a special place in my Anime heart just like EVA, Bleach, & BECK (and i'l admit, even, Boys Be).

But while this find is indeed great for me. My quest is not yet over, Tenchi Muyo, Martian Successor Nadesico, & Saber Marionette.

But thats for another day.

What's Up Playa!
i have not written an entry in a long time mainly because i cant. Having no net is not the best thing in the world, and having a busted PC doesn't help my case either.

but its ok, its almost a blessing that my life is not very interesting, there is no guilt in with holding important news,or the raw joy of gloating over something fantastic, and in the rare moments that i do have some considerable news to share, the feeling usually washes away when i do get the chance to sit down and write. Besides im not pretending that people actually do care about trivial matters that concern only myself, so spamming my journal with useless crap is ok, since no one is really getting offended.

now, why am i writing an entry?

sayang eh. i have some web space, might as well use it.

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The first player of this game starts with the "6 weird things/habits about yourself" and people who get tagged need to write a blog of their 6 weird habits/things, as well as state this rule clearly.. in the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names..

1) i sometimes see the world in comic book panels or movie scenes.

2) i often notice certain patterns everywhere, like everything is a large connect the dots puzzle.

3) i still want to be a superhero - i once learned to read kryptonese for fun.

4) i love watching kim possible.

5) i usually blurt out random things -ex. "robot 5 of sector 75!"

6) i believe that i am the greater god of Outer Mongolia, and will one day rule the world and build pyramids all over the globe as a storage space for the fireworks to be used on the greatest New Year's celebration in history.

i tag papu, jay, ralph, mikey, ali, & tim.


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